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Drummer - TJ Taylor


From Lexington KY, TJ Taylor has played for notable bands such as Tantric, Dangerous New Machine, and is currently the hard hitting drum smasher for veteran Hard rock band SOiL. according to Rhythm Front Magazine- "TJ's fusion of self -styled groove oriented rhythms, and fierce visual exhibition, has consistently made him a stand out drummer in today's modern rock landscape". Photos by John Oakes.


"I am eternally grateful to be able to what I do. I hope when people see me behind the drum kit, they can see the passion that I have for drumming and music. I think music is really special, in that it’s an escape for people. When you come to a show you can forget about all the negative stuff and just be in the moment. I think music does that, I love being small piece of making that happen every night on stage or in the studio." - TJ Taylor

He is currently a member of the band SOiL. They are currently touring the world promoting the album releases, "SOiL: Scream  The Essentials" . See tour dates for upcoming shows.



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