tj taylor - drummer 




"TJ Taylor, the hard hitting drum smasher for gold selling rock veteran band SOiL, and former drummer for multi-platinum selling rock band Tantric, Is gaining lots of attention fast in the current rock sphere. TJ’s  fusion self-styled groove oriented rhythmns, and fierce visual exhibition, has made him a standout drummer in today’s modern rock landscape" - Rhythm Front

TJ's love affair with the drum kit began at the early age of seven, when a family friend gave him an old Rogers kit that was tucked away collecting dust. "I can remember spending countless hours banging away and listening to my dad’s cassette collection, trying to make sense of what the drums were doing and how to replicate it," classics like Van Halen’s 5150, Led Zepplin's Whole Lotta Lovin, Rush's Limelight. Never taking lessons, he never realized being left handed meant reversing the drum kit. “Neil Peart didn’t play it that way, so neither did I. I adapted my playing style to a standard right handed kit orientation, but with an open hand approach. I wasn’t going to let form and technicality get in the way of my love affair for drumming. I did it my own way.”

At age fourteen TJ began honing his skills playing in local bands around town, performing the cover tunes of bands like Motley Crue, Metallica, The Cult, Foo Fighters, Nirvana, and Soundgarden. He is grateful for the early cover band years, “I developed my drumming and learned so much about performing, playing and working with other musicians.” He continued playing throughout highschool and college, writing and recording with multiple bands in many genres. “I began to build a reputation as a dependable hard working drummer. When you build a repuatation like that, the phone will ring. Opportunities start to happen.” TJ became a go-to guy for recording sessions and fill in gigs. The ability to learn an entire set of material in a few hours certainly doesn't hurt your repuatation, either. 

TJ didn’t miss an opportunity to play - he performed with as many bands as he could and was a finalist in the Guitar Center Drum Off competition. Eventually he settled into touring drummer gigs for accomplished artists such as EMI singer songwriter Buffy Lawson ( of Bombshel). From there, he toured with the hard rock super group Dangerous New Machine, featuring Stereomud lead vocalist Eric Rogers and guitarist Billy Grey of Fozzy.

 "I have had the luxury and pleasure of performing, writing, and producing music with a lot of amazing artists and musicians over the years, from arenas to sold out festivals. I am eternally grateful to be able to what I do. I hope when people see me behind the drum kit, they can see the passion that I have for drumming and music. I think music is really special, in that it’s an escape for people. When you come to a show you can forget about all the negative stuff and just be in the moment. I think music does that, I love being small piece of making that happen every night on stage or in the studio." 

He is currently a member of the band SOiL. They are currently touring the world promoting the album releases, "SOiL: Scream  The Essentials" . See tour dates for upcoming shows.